Home Sweet Home Series: Living Area Mini Makeover

My living room to begin with is not so bad…7 years ago when I furnished our home, I was a fan of clean lines, neutral colors and classic style. Something that I think I got from my mom. My house was a replica of what our house looked like when I was growing up…Actually a lot of my furniture pieces are from my mom! I guess that is but natural for everyone…we do what we are accustomed to, because it is our comfort zone.

Fast forward a few years after…my style has changed, maybe evolved, and I have acquired my own character and taste. Being the craft lover that I am, and my new found love for color with a kick…I wanted to make a change in my home. As I mentioned in my first post, I wanted to freshen up the look of the house! Still remembering what my husband always says – if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it… so I started planning for the make over for this area…I guess tearing out the wall paper and repainting was out of the question! Our wall paper, sad to say is still in perfect condition after 7 years!!! Keeping a budget in mind and knowing that all my furniture and decors are still usable and decent,  I started to think of what I wanted for this area. These are the words that came to mind: cozy, country, shabby chic…more me!…When doing a make over, ask yourself this question – What do I want this room/area to be, to feel?

I am hoping that I was able to attain the look that I was going for. I did a lot of DIY make over for the stuff that I already had—this will save you a lot of money and bring you so much joy! 🙂 I also purchased some cute stuff to brighten up the place. I am just the luckiest girl because @myclosetmonster partnered with me for this mini makeover series!!! They supply me with endless lovely items! If you are not yet following them on instagram, please do! I promise that you will love them! 🙂

I hope that you enjoy this make over as much as I enjoyed doing it! A little bit of change and updating can do wonders for your home! I will also be posting tutorials on the DIY projects that I had done here. Please do drop me a line in the comment section of what you think of this mini make over. I would love to hear from you! 🙂




Not bad right? Just a bit messy, but style wise…it was safe. The antique arm chair and sofa are from my mom. Thanks mom!:)



Had the mirror and foyer table custom made…I still love these pieces. I just wish that I had it made in lighter varnish.



Tadah!!! Changed the painting (which I love by the way and will be going into my dining area) with family photos in white frames. I did not drill holes on the wall (even if I am now addicted to drilling) because I didn’t want to permanently damage the walls just in case I change my mind with the wall decors later on. I used the 3m hooks with adhesive that removes easily and leaves no marks on the wall. Got some throw pillows from Robinson’s and Metro Department store to lighten up the sofa…changing it or having it reupholstered is out of the question as the sofa is still in great condition, maybe I would have a seat cover made later on. 🙂


mirror table

Just made this area more fun and more me!…added DIY paper buntings on the mirror and changed the decors under the table. The suitcase is a thrift shop find that I got for P350.00!!! Woohoo!


Changed the middle sheer curtain with an Ikea Lill lace curtain from @mycloset monster…placed a pink and cutsie patootsie textured throw pillow on the antique  and a bit dark arm chair, also from my mom. (pink throw pillow from Metro and textured dress throw pillow from Robinson’s Dep’t Store)


Changed the carpet with a plain one that came from another area in my house. I was so surprised at the prices of carpets! They are kinda expensive! So this one will do! 🙂 Removed the bike that you see parked behind the chair!


Tried to breathe new life into my battered wooden tray that served me well over the years…painted it with the left over paint I had from my daughter’s step stool makeover…I did a distressed finish by sanding it a bit after the paint dried.


Used white embroidered table placemats from my mother in law, to accent my dark sofa and to give it a more country feel. The embroidery details on the placemats cannot be seen in the picture, but they are lovely! Does’t it look lighter and more cozy after the changes?! 🙂


Made over the shade of my poso (water pump) lamp (also from my mom) by covering it with a floral fabric…this turned out better than I expected!… The wooden chest is also from my mom, all my siblings and I were given a chest…size was according to age. 🙂 I will be passing this chest to my kids also one day…so I guess I have to buy another one!

details 1

I used the Ikea Liksidig Napkin holder from @myclosetmonster to hold my bills that come (sadly all the time!)  instead of just piling the bills up on the table. This makes it more organized and pretty! Love the floral details too! You can always repurpose stuff to make use of it in other creative ways! 🙂 Crochet doily from yen shop in Japan, not sure if they have it in Daiso here…Placed the pretty book ends from my good friend (@teachaphi) on top of the vintage suitcase to hold a few pieces of books. I love that it says HOME!

details 2

Placed this plant holder that was originally on my porch to balance out the left and right of the sofa 🙂 This planter is from my Grandmother’s house!!! I love it! Was planing to repaint it, but I think this works fine…The basket is under the foyer table that houses my eco bags. I placed it right beside the door so I can grab one just before going out 🙂 Cute floral box is from of course, @myclosetmonster. It is actually a set of 3 and this is the medium size, will use the biggest one in the craft room and the smallest one was sequestered by my daughter!

after 1

I hope I have inspired you to make a mini makeover of your own! Please do watch out for the next mini makeovers coming your way, and the DIY tutorials that I will be posting soon!

A quote to ponder on till our next mini makeover:

” Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” — William Morris


Ikea Liksidig Naplin Holder – P 280.00

Ikea Lill Lace Cutains – P 380.00/pair

Ikea Rosali Box (floral) set of 3 – P 580.00

Robinsons Department Store:

3m Command Damage Free Hanging (for 225 gm. weight)- P190.00/3pcs.

Teal and white throw pillow case – P99.00

Throw pillow (inside) – 79.00

Textured dress throw pillow case – P299.00

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  • I love all the pretty touches you added!
    Why don’t you paint your console table and mirror white? 🙂 I can just imagine how lovely they would look with all the florals!

    • Hi Pat! Thanks!:) I think that would really be pretty!!! I would like to DIY it but afraid that I might ruin the furniture! haha! Next project, carpentry! 🙂 I actually want to paint all the brown furniture white! What do you think? 🙂

  • Hi Maricel! I love your make over! I feel you, I dont understand why I initially opted to have brown, dark shades of furnitures (must be for practicality reasons, before? Or my hubby won over me??? haha!)… Now I’ve been wanting to repaint them all in lighter shades! I’ll probably start with my workroom furnitures… even my craft table is in dark brown shade! *ugh*

    Maybe we should get ourselves into wood workshop? Something that deals with repainting, too — to conquer our fears of destroying our “not broken” furnitures? Haha! Do we even have something like that here? We can take that together! 🙂

    • Hi Peachy! I would love to attend a wood/carpentry workshop! will let you know if i find one, and please do let me know if you get wind of one:) yes we can attend it together and get over our fear of ruin! hahaha! Thanks for dropping by and hope to meet you on the 9th for the Blissmaker Makes?:)

  • Hi Cel!
    I love the colors that you used! Super love the old suitcase. And the trunk! I would probably make the trunk the coffee table and move that center table to the side as your side table to make the poso lamp the highlight of that area (which by the way is soooooo pretty with the floral lampshade. But I love the way the whole room looks.

    • Hi Kat! Miss you! When are you coming for a visit?! Thanks!!! I actually tried that but my coffee table was too big to put beside the sofa? Plus the chest was so heavy to lug around! hahaha! hi to the hubby!

  • Another beautiful project, Partner!!! I miss being there! Excited to see all the fantastic make-over you’ve done. Sooo proud of you! What’s next?!?!

    • The house misses you too! Next up is Mikee’s room and the craft room. Mikee has been looking forward to August because he said I will “fix” his room then! hahaha! He is such a patient boy!:)

    • Thanks Jen!:) I got the pillows from Robinson’s in Festival Mall in Alabang…I am quite sure that they have it in other branches too! Thanks for dropping by!:)

  • Well, all I can say is you are “Juane” very creative. I am sending you old telephone to go with your décor and yes it work. now that I know what you love I will start collecting things that you can incorporate with your décor.

    • Yes tita! I believe that I got the creativity from the Juane side of the family!:) My inspiration for the drilling and DIY’s are you guys! Thank you in advance for the telephone! So excited to see it! Miss you!

  • Awesome make over!! I just love it! And want to fix my house too!!! Love, love all the details Cel!:) you HAVE to tell me if you find a carpentry workshop! I’m dying to learn how to build my own tables, chairs etc! Hehe

    • Hi D! Let’s do make over in your house! What I learned is that a little updating and changes can do a whole lot for the over all look of our homes! Yes will let you in also when I find a carpentry workshop! 🙂

  • WOW! is all I can say. Every detail and every color that you have used are all lovely and you really have a simple but good taste in terms of style and colors. You have inspired me to do something in my own home. Needs your touch and how I wish you can come and help me do DIY projects. I can also tell that you have some of your Mom’s style when it comes to your interior decorating. Keep up the good work and allowing the Lord to continually use you as His channel of blessings. Love, Tita Mir

    • Thanks Tita Mir! Yes mom is really my inspiration in decorating and fixing the house! I remember when we were growing up, our home layout and decors changed every week! Mom is the queen of repurposing!…How I wish I can come over and visit your beautiful home! I believe that it does not need any more rearranging, it’s already beautiful as it is! See you in a few months! Take care!

  • Hi, Maricel! I love your mini makeover projects! You are really such an inspiration. If only I have time to do makeovers at home, too! Can you do mine? Hehe. I am now determined to use my Cath Kidston Dream House Journal. Looking forward to your next project!

    • Thanks Tala!!! so glad that I can spread the joy! Yes use your journal na!:) This will give you a jumpstart on your make overs, ma-e-excite ka! hehe!…This is what i do that I think you can do with your pockets of extra time — first I look at the are and think of what I want to do: what to change, what to keep, what to diy make over, what to buy, new layout etc. Then I start buying the things that I need. Then I spend 1 day to change everything! It’s easy because there are no “major” changes or renovations needed!:) kayang kaya mo yan! Ikaw pa!:) see you soon!

  • What a lovely home! With or without the make over it has been a cozy and very inviting home… Thank you because we are learning a lot from this… And I’m extra in this project! Yahoo!!! Looking forward to a bathroom makeover… My favorite spot in your home… : ) Great job sistah! So proud of your projects. Carry on!