Renovation of the Heart

Thank you for dropping by A Sweet Cottage. I would like to invite you to come in and see the wonderful changes that have been made in this home. I hope that you can sit with me while enjoying a cup of tea, and enjoy the “renovation of the heart” that has been made in this little cottage.

Since opening the doors of A Sweet Cottage in 2013, this has been the home of my event styling business. It has served as a place for my creative outputs for business and my personal DIY-s. I occasionally share about my family, gatherings that I attend, tips and tricks, my days in my craft room and notes from my spiritual journey. God has truly blessed this cottage with a lot of precious experiences and meeting amazing people along the way. I truly enjoy and love every minute spent in this place, doing what I love doing. I count myself blessed being able to share my love for creating with people around me.

Four years have passed, and I believe that I am ready to make some changes. Changes to make this cottage better and brighter! Changes to make this place more of who I am and what is in my heart. A place where people can GATHER, ENCOURAGE AND INSPIRE one another!

The changes to expect

I want to share more about my spiritual journey and God’s plans coming to be in my life.

I want to encourage women, homemakers and work from home entrepreneurs out there.

I want to inspire creativity in people, and to have the love for the works of their hands.

I want to share about myself as a woman in the creative business.

I want to help people with their celebrations through my creations and skills.

I want to have more gatherings for women to create, share and encourage!

This is an exciting time in my cottage and I am happy that you are here to share it with me!

As the seasons in my personal life change, I want A Sweet Cottage to change with me. I desire to focus more on the things and topics that make my heart joyful, praying that it will do the same for you. I want to do more of the things that I truly enjoy and love. I want to share with you the journey that I have as a woman who loves God, a wife, a mom, a homemaker and a creative entrepreneur who loves to create.

My heart is so full and I am looking forward to a wonderful journey ahead. I am opening the doors and heart of this home to you, and I hope that you may find encouragement, inspiration and joy in this place!

Let this be the heartbeat of this home:

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

– Joshua 24:15

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